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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Holiday Travel - The Legend Athens

VISITORS to the olympic games in Athens find that it is not so simple to find their way around the city: the capital is a large place, with 4 million life in the urban propagation. One of the best opinions of the old city is of a 277-metre-high rock, the Lykavittos, which is crowned by the white chapel by STR George.

According to legend the goddess Athene wanted to shift their handle on the Akropolise more naeeher in skies. During nighttime a Thunderstorm broke it off a gigantic block of the rock of the Pentili mountain, which it wanted to set on the Akropolishuegel. But, when them returned with the stone, two blackbirds with bad messages approached it. Athenia let the very large lumps of the chalk in the anger fall and caused the Lykavittos, and since at that time the city has an attraction more.

Today a modern wire rope course takes visitors to the summit in some minutes. But can be also climbed the Lykavittos with a Footpath, which leads by a Kiefer and a Zypressewald. The visitor with an opinion of the endless sea of the houses is greeted by the top side. The city will surround gulf by a mountain distance, which opens only to the southwest, to the Saronic.

Famous boundary stone the Akropolis (pix), the most famous boundary stone of the city, is an architectural masterpiece. It symbolises Athenian democracy with the distance of the buildings inclusively the Parthenon, the Erechtheion, the handle of the Athene Nike and the Propylaea.

The Parthenon was established between 447 and 438 B.C. and its sculptural decoration in 432 B.C was accomplished. In the coming centuries the mountain went through some changes. During center the age the churches and the chapels and under Turkish guideline were established found a mosque with minaretts a place in the Parthenon. The Erechtheion became a Harem.

Greek classical authors to 18. Century gave it renewed interest in the Greek classical authors and some historical buildings in the different parts of the world, like Brandenburg of the gate in Berlin, by the Propylaea was spurred.

After Greek independence 1830, deleting work began over the Akropolis. Before independence lord Elgin, the British Ambassador in Konstantinopolise removed, some important works of art including the "Elgin marbles".

The Parthenon Fries, which can do metopes and pediments into the British museum in London is today seen. Since extensive work of the renewal was 1975 on the hill in motion. That whole scaffold was for the olympic plays. But the work is accomplished earliest only in the year 2006.

The Panathenaic stage was established on the place of assembly old stage, which was designed BC in 330 and later by novel into more musical and converted was the Gladiators competitions of an arena, in which the Athenians celebrated every four years sporting.

When Athens was selected as the scene of the first olympic plays of the modern times, the wealthy helped benefactors re-establish the stage. Baron Pierre de Coubertin opened the again developed stage, established in the white marble, 1896. More repeats itself than 2,700 years after first play history.

The airport is one of the most modern in the world. The place of assembly of the old airport was made one canoeing scene. After the plays the place of assembly becomes a gigantic water-free time center for Athenians. In January 2000, the underground course net was extended by two lines by 16 stations. Some the station announcement archaeological discoveries discovers during the structure work. Since pedestrians of this yearly from the handle of the olympic Zeus under the Akropolis to the Agora and to the Keramikos cemetary without concern to go can.

And a popular routistic place of destination, the Plaka range, a labyrinth of the narrow roads, Taverns, coffee and restaurants was cleaned above. Visitors cannot keep lost real, because the Akropolis is always in the proximity one point of the determining position. Under the Syntagma square is and leads to the Ermou buying route. In the middle in the road an old Byzantine church is dated and of the 11. Century. It is a Oasis of the isolation under the busy relocating.

Syntagma square is the political center of the city. It becomes by the parliamentary buildings, which controls former royal palace. The Obenmarkt Kolonaki suburb, house to many messages, is convenient also close. Kolonaki square characteristics many top side of the distance kind and way fashion shops with the international and Greek creations. Clothes, shoes, handbags and designer furniture can be bought... at a price. The slogan in the many restaurants and into the coffee of the range is not to be seen and seen and this is during the plays different.